2 thoughts on “Conrad Veidt and Vivien Leigh in Contraband

  1. Nice montage, I particularily like the colors you chose and the texture you made in her tweed suit. Vivien would have given the role a delicate quality which would have made for more suspense. Valerie Hobson was good but she was almost a female James Bond. Nothing fazed her. Veidt and Leigh were a good team. It is too bad circumstances split them up. Do you think computers will get so good that one day we can make our own films using the faces of the stars we want to see?

    • The photo looks perfect in black and white. Honestly, if I hadn’t made the montage and if I hadn’t seen the film, I certainly would have thought that Vivien appeared inContraband with Conrad. I am sorry that in her mature years she couldn’t make with him at least one more film – perhaps in Hollywood, in the 40’s… If modern technology will reachreally high levels, perhaps when I will be older I will invest some money in making movies with the actors I like.

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