The fantastic world of Conrad Veidt

This website is a hearty tribute to THE GREATEST ACTOR in the world and the true GENTLEMAN of those glorious and irrepeatable years of the GOLDEN CINEMA. No other actor could play so many DIVERSIFIED and INCREDIBLY POWERFUL roles like CONRAD VEIDT did. He was UNIQUE, because he was THE BEST in all the facets of his LIFE. His LEGACY will endure forever, as long as we, HIS FANS, HIS ADMIRERS from all over the world, remain under the spell of THE GREATEST MAGICIAN of THE SILVER SCREEN – the immortal CONRAD VEIDT.

10 thoughts on “The fantastic world of Conrad Veidt

    • Thank you very much! I invite you to check for the updates from time to time. As you well said, this is just the beginning. I have so many interesting things to put on this website, that I have a feeling I will have to create a second one.

  1. The amount of material you’ve compiled on your site is just staggering. I first saw Veidt in THE MAN WHO LAUGHS back in the Eighties, here at the Detroit Film Theatre. The pathos in his eyes as he played Gwynplaine just stunned me. I was a little surprised that you didn’t include his character in THE SPY IN BLACK. Since then more recently I’ve tried to see as many of his films as I can get my hands on. Within the past year I acquired an excellent copy of THE STUDENT OF PRAGUE on DVD, and finally bought THE INDIAN TOMB not long back, on sale from Amazon. If anyone deserves the attention (along with Louis Jouvet and Peter Lorre), Connie does.

    • Thank you for your comments. I don’t know if you counted the characters, but I chose 12 characters from the silent and from the sound films. If you liked Connie in the role of Captain Hardt, then you can vote for him at the Others alternative. In a few weeks, I recommend you to look at the Movies II section. I have many photos of Connie from The Spy in Black, so, what you’ve seen at Movies I it’s nothing to what will come. I will send you an e-mail when I upload the new photos, or subscribe to the website, in order to be informed on the updates.

      • Actually, I did vote the first time around, for Gwynplaine I believe. But of course.
        But I appreciate your consideration, and subsequent gesture. Thanks.

      • You can vote for all the characters you want. I forgot to mention that I changed the rules, so if you have more than one favourite character, youare free tovote. Monica

    • Thank you for the link. The author of the superb review, Moira, has already sent me the link to TCM, and I think it was very nice of her to write such wonderful things about Connie, and to include my new website. I am glad Vanity Fair noticed our efforts to revive Conrad Veidt’s fame around the world. Monica

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