Conrad Veidt as Dracula?

I created this unique montage to show how the famous Dracula would have looked if he were played by Conrad Veidt.

I invite you to express your opinions towards this matter, and to vote on the poll below.


4 thoughts on “Conrad Veidt as Dracula?

  1. Very clever montage. Thank you Monica. He would have been a electrifying Dracula. I think The Man Who Laughs made him wary of the genre and painful fake teeth. Robert Morley said Veidt spoke lines very softly and rapidly. He was right. Watching your clips from Bella Donna and The Last Performance gives me the impression his Dracula would have been a tall, daunting, dangerous and seductive villain. Very different from the Dracula in the novel and in other films of the time, in fact of any time.

    • Thank you. It was difficult to make, it took me a few hours, because there are some physical differences between Connie and Lugosi – the head and the ears, so I had to reconstruct the photo. But I consider that the result is really good. The printed photo looks even more outstanding than the way it looks on the screen.

  2. Excelent work, I love it! Even though I am a fan of Bela Lugosi I still would have liked to see Connie in this role and how he would’ve changed the character.

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