The essential books about Conrad Veidt

Someone asked me what books about Conrad Veidt I would recommend.

These are three books from my collection. All three are very useful. If you want to know more about Conrad’s life, read the biography by J.C. Allen. If you are interested in the actor’s film career, read the book by J. T. Soister. And if you’d like to spend a quiet afternoon admiring a wonderful album, take the Lebensbilder book, by Wolfgang Jacobsen.

If you have any other suggestions, write them here.

Special thanks to Caroline N. and Barbara P. for their support.


5 thoughts on “The essential books about Conrad Veidt

  1. Hello, I was wondering if there is anywhere that you know of where to find Caligari to Casablanca at a reasonable price? I’ve been told it is out of print, so I’ve been having no luck so far. Thank you.

    • Hello. I got my copy through a friend, and she got it through someone else, too. You could check it on ebay (it appears from time to time) or on Amazon. It is quite expensive, indeed, but believe me it worths the price. It has photos of Conrad almost on every page.

  2. Si, claro, si hay dinero se compra, pero yo no lo tengo (el dinero), ¿qué hago?, ¿sabes donde puedo descargar algún libro gratis?, siempre es mejor el libro mismo, pero una copia digital sirve mientras reúno el dinero para el original. ¿QUIEN ME DICE DONDE PUEDO DESCARGARLO?.

    • Puede buscar en las paginas ebay – los libros aparecen algunas veces a buen precio. No hay ningun lado donde poder descargarlos. Son libros muy raros, el de J. C. Allen en particular.

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