Conrad Veidt at the Bologna Film Festival!

A fan of Connie, Paula Vitaris, posted this announcement on the Conrad Veidt Yahoo group:

„Here is the schedule for the Conrad Veidt track at this summer’s Il Cinema Ritrovato festival in Bologna (June 25-July 2):

Conrad Veidt, da Caligari a Casablanca / Conrad Veidt: from Caligari to Casablanca


DER REIGEN (Germania/1919-20) Regia: Richard Oswald 

LUCREZIA BORGIA (Germania/1922) Regia: Richard Oswald

DÜRFEN WIR SCHWEIGEN? (Germania/1926) Regia: Richard Oswald 

DER GANG IN DIE NACHT (La passeggiata nella notte, Germania/1922) Regia: F.W. Murnau 

DIE BRÜDER SCHELLENBERG (Il supplizio di Tantalo, Germania/1926) Regia: Karl Grune

DIE LETZTE KOMPAGNIE (Germania/1929-30) Regia: Kurt Bernhardt 

DER KONGRESS TANZT (Il congresso si diverte, Germania/1931) Regia: Eric Charell 

I WAS A SPY (Ero una spia, Gb/1933) Regia: Victor Saville 

THE WANDERING JEW (Gb/1933) Regia: Maurice Elvey 

NAZI AGENT (USA/1941) Regia: Jules Dassin

Special thanks to Michela Russo for the wonderful scans!

3 thoughts on “Conrad Veidt at the Bologna Film Festival!

    • Please, take some pictures there and flyers and programs, anything, and send them to me scanned by e-mail, so we could share them with all the other Connie Veidt fans on this website! Enjoy your journey!

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