Special announcement – Don’t confide in all the autographed postcards!

Dear Conrad Veidt fans,

I advise you not to bid on the fake autographed postcards of Conrad! Those who know his signature will realize that these two examples that I will give you below are not genuine.



Please take into consideration each and every detail when it comes to Connie’s elegant and sophisticated signature. It’s for your own good. Don’t spend your money on precious items which, in fact, are created by certain dishonest people who want to make money out of the Conrad Veidt collections. Again, please be careful. You will find on this website many autographed postcards of Conrad which are originals, and you could take them as an example (see the Gallery-Portraits section). I will be posting next week another autographed postcard of Connie, at the Gallery section.

Yours truthfully,

Monique classique

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