1 thought on “Video of the month: A tribute to Conrad Veidt in Ingmarsarvet (1925)

  1. Dear Monica,
    I dreamed about Conrad Veidt on the evening of Aug. 16th. He was making a personal appearance at an airfield in New Jersey. And I decided as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would go to see him. Forgetting in my dreams he had been long dead. I saw him looking inside a WWII era plane. There was no glass in the windows. He was dressed as Jaffar. He wore a navy blue turban, a cream colored blouse and kahki trousers but you know the sort Jaffar would wear. I cannot recall the name for them. I woke up thinking this was real and I haven’t had a dream so vivid in a long time. I keep him in prayer. Hope you are well. My father had a set back and I am caring for him. Please keep in touch. Fondly, your friend, Caroline

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