6 thoughts on “Video of the month: A tribute to Conrad Veidt’s “lost” films (Part I)

  1. Hello Monique,

    This latest video of yours is absolutely amazing! When you say ”lost” I imagine that not even you have been able to track down these films. I hadn’t even heard of them (until now)!

    Keep up the good work!


    Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 12:08:39 +0000 To: dwjellis@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Monica,

    This is a wonderful tribute to Conrad, thank you. Hahahaha….somehow I can’t seem to call the late actor Connie, even though it was his nickname. Tis a shame some of his work is lost.

    Thankfully, I was able to purchase the book by John Solster (sp?) on Conrad. Right now, the other book ‘Caligari to Casablanca’ is not in my budget, but that will be next when I win a lottery!
    I’m acquiring some of Conrad’s films, just to see him in other roles. The Man Who Laughs was the first one, brilliant! He’s good in Under The Red Robe, it’s harder to understand Annabella than Conrad, which amuses me. His love for animals certainly comes through when he’s petting those puppies and remarks, “you big boy you”. I wonder if he was able to actually get one of them after filming was over, they were cutie-pies. The chemistry between him and Vivien Leigh is certainly electric, and with Valerie Hobson too. I tell you, hahahaha, he can get more done with a look from his eyes than I’ve seen in any graphic love scene in other films. That comes from his silent film era where all the actors had to communicate were their eyes, hands, etc.

    He also had a certain flare with comedy, don’t know if you’ve noticed it. Another reviewer picked that up in his performance with late actor Romney Brent in ‘Under The Red Robe’. It was also slightly noticeable in Spy In Black and Contraband, which I’m currently viewing. Comedy is/was very hard to do. The reviewer stated with Under The Red Robe how Romney and Conrad were like Laurel and Hardy, with Conrad being the ‘straight-guy’ to Romney. It’s true, cause I’ve viewed the tape a couple of times.

    Oh me, doubt Conrad would be here even if he had survived his heart-attack in 1943, but the world lost a talented actor. His daughter, Viola, died here in New Orleans in 2005 I believe.

    Many thanks for this website, and all your HARD, HARD work. I think Conrad would be very flattered.


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