3 thoughts on “Video of the month: A tribute to Conrad Veidt’s “lost” films (Part II)

  1. Thank you for sharing this Monica, it is really great! Maybe someday someone will find, a clip or perhaps one of the lost films in a basement/attic/storage facility (which is so often the case sometimes) and restore the film so the public can enjoy it all over again!

    How long have you been collecting on Conrad? It would appear for quite a bit since you have so much in your collection.


  2. I have been collecting Conrad Veidt memorabilia for several years. I am very proud of my collection. There are still lots of things to put on the website, but I didn’t have the necessary time. I will try to put some scans this summer.

  3. You should be proud of your collection. I collected memorabilia on late actor Roddy McDowall for 30 years. Although I didn’t have the honor of meeting him in person, I did receive (2) hand-written postcards from him thanking me for things I had sent him. What a delightful man he was, and most appreciative of his fans. It a shame none of us will get the opportunity to meet Conrad, I’ve read where he was a funny and delightful man as well. Far removed from what he portrayed on the screen….which proved he was an excellent actor, like his daughter said.

    Have a great summer!


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