5 thoughts on “Video of the month: Conrad Veidt, a man of mystery

  1. Have had a tough week, what a nice way to end it! Thank you! I’m slowing acquiring some of Conrad’s films, those that I can find that is. He had a flare for comedy, and it was subtle too. I read reviews in the book by John Soister (sp?) that this flare was noticeable in some of his early silent films too. But it’s really there with he and Valerie Hobson in Contraband/Blackout. The expressions on his face at times, and (hahahaha) when he drops his cigarette when Valerie tells the spies that she’s NOT Mrs. Sorenson. The chemistry between those two was really good. I’ve read in many articles that he literally threw himself into his roles, and he wasn’t kidding. He WAS Karl in Dark Journey, he was Captain Hart in Blackout, etc, etc. He was able to ‘discard’ them when shooting was completed and join his wife and daughter, Viola, before taking on another ‘character’.

    Oh if he had lived longer, what could he have accomplished, that we’ll never know.

    Thanks Monique!


  2. Oh, Connie deserves so much recognition. People fail to give him the utmost respect; well, we do of course. Fantastic video, Monica. Thank you for continuing to share these with me. Looking forward to a few more orders next month.

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