Remembering Conrad Veidt, who died on this day in 1943

Today we are commemorating the death of Conrad Veidt, who lived in 50 years like others do in 100 years! He will never be forgotten. May he rest in peace.

The writer and producer Mark Oliver, grandson of actor David Oliver, who was friends with Conrad, told me interesting story related to Conrad, that you could read at

2 thoughts on “Remembering Conrad Veidt, who died on this day in 1943

  1. thank you so much for this site, which I see, happily for me is still active as recently as last month April 3, 2015. Sadly, a date too tragic for this man and those that loved him, 72 years now gone. I am a very recent fan just now discovering his films and humanitarianism. I hope to discover many more films, books and magazines,
    pertaining his life and body of work. I would even like to see any of his German films that have survived. Perhaps a good reason to take up learning German!

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