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Conrad Veidt at home

The complete filmography of Conrad Veidt

Faces of the Silver Screen: Conrad Veidt

An amazing story about Connie, written by the novelist Christopher Isherwood

Small article about Connie’s movie “I Was a Spy” (1933).

*Conrad Veidt and his acting career (complete article)

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  1. I appreciate your taking so much time to find and scan these articles. While I can guess at the general periods when these first appeared, would it be possible to add dates of publication to each of them?
    Thank you,

    • Thank you for reading the articles. Some of them have the date. I will try to add to the other ones, too. Anyway, I am officially opening the website next Saturday, on Connie’s birthday. I still have to work on the Movies II section. I don’t have enough time right now, because I am in a session of exams, but be sure that in a few weeks you’ll see hundreds of new photos and articles on the website. I am also opening a youtube channel, with clips I made with Connie’s films. And I also encourage you to vote for your favourite Conrad Veidt character/characters – you could vote for more than one, if you like. The Poll is on the first page.


      • Thank you Monica. I love the material that you have added to your site and will continue to read through the articles. It’s a very beautiful job and I am so appreciative of your work. I subscribed to your Youtube channel on Connie’s birthday! Your first video related to The Thief of Bagdad is glorious.

        Good luck on your exams!
        All the best,

      • I still have so many articles to add, and they provide a lot of information about Connie’s career. They will all be on this website over the next couple of months.

  2. Wow, what a treat for all of us Connie fans! Great articles, thanks so much for posting them. I was very much impressed by the one by Christopher Isherwood, about the last scene of “Jew Suess”. I have to admit, when I first saw this film, I had tears in my eyes at the end. Heart-breaking, seriously. This final scene in particular must be one of the most emotional movie endings, at least in the b/w era and Herr Veidt’s performance feels real and touches the heart, even by today’s standarts. That article shows how much “in character” he was during filming – he was not acting, he had become the character. Thanks again for this great article, much appreciated!

    • Thank you, too, for reading it. I have many, many articles to put there, but for the moment I have to complete the Movies II gallery. Expect many new articles by the end of March.

  3. Thank you for the article by Herbert Cole but did you notice the mention of The Phantom of the Opera? To my knowledge, Veidt never appeared in any film of that name in Hollywood or elsewhere. Interesting idea but I think Mr. Cole made a mistake. He couldn’t have meant The Man Who Laughs? Of course they didn’t have Google back then. And I never thought the Danish sea captain was a “ninny”. Not at all.

    • You are right. Lon Chaney appeared in Phantom of the Opera. And yes, the newspapermen were sometimes quite unfairto Connie. What surprised me was that I found very few obituaries. Some newspapers wrote in just a few words that he died. Viola herself found out from the radio that her father died, and it was the last piece of information. Connie wasn’t respected as muchas he deserved.

      • He has no star on the so called “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood. I can’t imagine why except most of his films were made abroad. More often than not humble men who achieve greatness are not given the recognition they deserve.

  4. These articles are genuine and I truly enjoyed reading them. Thank you so much for sharing them with everyone who loves Connie.

  5. Lily Traeger? It was Praeger. The dog’s name is Mattie? I thought the terrier’s name was Mackie, as in Mackie Messer from The Threepenny Opera. I’ve seen other articles where Lily is said to be an actress but this is never mentioned in any biography. Thanks Monica. The articles are all quite interesting but they prove the newspapers often have unreliable information.

  6. Apparently, FP1 was cut because we never see Ellison’s junker crash. And yet in the article above, this is recounted as a highlight. Hmmm.

    • It shouldn’t surprise you this.Most ofConnie’s filmshave beencut over the time. What we see nowadays is a poor copy of his glorious films. F.P.1 makes no exception when it comes to cuttings.

  7. Fascinating articles Monica! He left so little because he gave so much to charity and the war effort. Half of his legacy was a lot of money in the forties but not to live on. Did he really strike Loretta Young in The Men in Her Life? Poor Loretta, he was a big man to take a sock from. Poor Conrad Veidt, who was such a gentleman. What a great backstory. It says a lot of good things about Loretta and Connie. Reminds one of the Three Stooge short “The Brideless Groom” wherein the lovely opera singer Christine McIntyre had to attack Shemp Howard. She didn’t want to hurt him. After many takes he begged her to do him a favor and “cut loose.” She did and it was a very funny scene. She hugged him after and cried. Nice lady.

  8. I really appreciate your site and the resource it makes available – just discovered Veidt over the past few months, so I’m a newbie – but very impressed by his skill and talent. Thank you for uploading all this information and making this site.

    • Thank you, too, for this kind comment. Connie is, indeed, a remarkable actor. I also have another website dedicated to him, conradveidtforever.

  9. I’m currently working on a blog about Connie and his relationship to a family friend of a Viennese doctor, who along with his wife and daughter, were dear friends of my parents.
    As a result, i just discovered your site and am very happy to find it. I’ve been a Conrad Veidt fan since my childhood, when I saw “Thief of Bagdad” and “The Spy in Black”. His was a household name with my parents, who were German immigrants and big movie fans while still in Germany.
    One of the reasons for my message is to learn if the name, “Hans Grohman” has ever turned up in any of your biographical research on Connie? He is the “family friend” I referred to above.
    I learned of Hans and his relationship with Connie about ten years ago, when I acquired a photo of Connie having his portrait done by Grohman.
    The son of a Protestant minister, Grohman was an artist, a journalist, an accomplished political writer, and gay. In 1933 he was brutally murdered by the Nazis. This I believe to be one of the early reasons, if not the primary reason why Connie was so actively against the Hitler Regime, and moved to London a short time later.

    I submitted the picture to a Conrad Veidt site owner back in 2005. Her name was Gilda Tabarez. But the site began to suffer severe technical problems and I believe it went dormant after that. I don’t know if there’s any connection between you and Miss Tabarez, but regardless, I’m very happy to find such a quality site fully up and running. I would like to link your site to my blog when it’s done.
    Please let me know if that’s ok.

    • Hello! I am very happy for your message. It is really nice to see more and more fans of Conrad Veidt. Sure, whenever you need to link the site, let me know. Only one thing, please credit me as Monique classique. I also have another website dedicated to Connie and the tributes from fans, and that is

  10. Hello Monique Classique, This is very impressive. I am echoing an earlier request: could you find the time to add the sources for scans where it’s not indicated on the scan? If it’s a book, then author or editor(s), publisher, date; otherwise, at least name of publication and date.
    Can I ask you as well as the other Veidt fans? Has anyone seen a contract with Veidt and if yes, could it (or they) be scanned? Any studio or production information? Would greatly help the cause. Thank you!

    • Dear Janet, most of my latest scans are from magazines, postcards and original movie stills. Check also for, my second CV website. You will find some fans there. You will also find further information on Conrad’s movies. I think I can add a scan of a contract, from a book I have. But when I have some spare time.

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