13 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. This is fabulous work! Thank you, Monica. Connie would just love what you have done; keeping him and his beautiful memory alive in our hearts. I love this actor so very much and I admire and respect you for everything you’ve done to keep him in our memory.

    Love, Sue

  2. Thank you so much for all of this!!!! It’s all wonderful! I’ve always ‘liked’ Conrad Veidt, but now…I LOVE him!! Thank you, thank you!!


    • In 2 weeks, you will see lots of new photos in the Gallery – new scans from the books I have about Connie.

  3. what a treat! Did he ever consider getting his teeth fixed?
    Of course his vulpine smile was part of the effect, really frightening when he wanted to be. . .

    • Well, if you look attentively at his later films, like The Passing of the Third Floor Back, Dark Journey, Contraband or Above Suspicion, you will see some changes at his teeth.

  4. The cool pool photo, “Scanned by Sandy”, is indeed rare and very clear. All these old photos, I am noticing how differently woven materials were. No synthetics, yet. I believe the bolted object to be a pool light. Timber barrier of foliage with vista of palms like English gardeners used to build “Ha-Has” (invisible barrier with a sunken ditch). What a great photo, as if it had been taken yesterday. Priceless. Made me smile. Thank you Monica and thank you Sandy!

  5. Regarding the United Artists in London photo, the gentleman at the back, in the rear on the right, with the waived hair and mustache would appear to be Alan Hale! There are some unidentified people in the United Artist photo. And the caricature of Connie drawn in pencil is cute, I like that one. How did Conrad Veidt meet Jean Harlow again?

    • In that photo, Jean was on a cruise in Europe and it happened that Connie was on the ship, too. I don’t know exactly when it was taken this photo, but I do know it was somewhere at the beginning of the 30’s.

  6. As a past life researcher interested in the life of Jean Harlow and in that of her mother, I was quickened by the connection to Conrad Veidt. A friend who bears a resemblance to him told me to look up an association between the two, and voila, tonight we find one. Lynn Rogers M.A. San Jose Ca 408 5595995 lynnrogersma@yahoo.com. I have a rare copy of Harlow’s own novel by the way.

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