Dear friends, 

I am so happy today that I can share with you my precious collection and personal thoughts towards THE GREAT, THE ONE and THE ONLY GENIUS among the actors of all generations: CONRAD VEIDT. This website, that I created with love and devotion in the memory of my beloved cinema idol, is entirely dedicated to Connie, and I hope that you will enjoy my work and you will get to know even better the legendary and iconic figure of the Silver Screen. On my website, you will have the chance to read many interesting articles about Connie’s life and career, but also to admire lots of wonderful photos and videos, and many other unique items.  For some of you, Conrad Veidt may be forgotten, and this is where my mission begins – I want to revive the German actor’s image and help the people from around the world to recognize him, to respect and treasure his extremely valuable contribution to the seventh art, which, after all, is the most important legacy that an exponent of the cinema could leave to the future generations. I have the faith that I will reunite, through my website, as many Conrad Veidt fans as possible. I want that both women and men FIGHT FOR CONRAD VEIDT, as they used to say in the most glorious period of the actor’s artistic life: the 1920’s-1930’s. Even if Connie left us too soon, dying from a heart attack at the age of 50, he is still alive, thanks to his immortal movies – THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, THE THIEF OF BAGDAD, CASABLANCA, WAXWORKS, CONTRABAND, THE STUDENT OF PRAGUE, DARK JOURNEY (my personal favourite, in which Connie co-starred with his most beautiful and talented partner, Vivien Leigh), and many, many others. 

For those who want to know more about the life and career of Conrad Veidt, I recommend these two books

Conrad Veidt: From Caligari to Casablanca, by J. C. Allen (published in 1992 by Blackwell Science Ltd.)

Conrad Veidt on Screen, by John T. Soister (published in 2002 by McFarland & Company)

And for those who want to read a short biography, you could search for Conrad Veidt on the IMDb website, where there is also a complete filmography of his http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0891998/.

Finally, I want to invite everyone, from all the corners of the world, to join me on my special tribute dedicated with deep love and admiration to Conrad Veidt.  I also encourage you to vote for your favourite character(s) played by Connie (see the Poll from the home page), and also to share part of your own collection, if you want. You could send photos (I will credit you), articles, and give suggestions to anything related to this website. So, feel free to leave your comments on any page (the Articles, the Gallery, the Movies I/II, the Media), and to contact me whenever you like on the email address conradveidtforever@yahoo.com, and I will try to give you a reply as soon as possible.

Thank you very much, and just like in the famous line from the movie “Casablanca”, I hope that “this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” between all of us, the fans who reunite and participate, with great joy, to the fantastic and unique world of Conrad Veidt.

 Together we can fight for Conrad Veidt!

Yours truthfully,

Monique classique

P.S.: Almost all the photos from my website contain watermarks – except for those that contain watermarks from certain photo agencies. The reason is that part of them are original scans from my own collection, for which I paid a lot of money, and I think it’s unfair for others to pretend that the high quality photos are theirs, when actually they were scanned and digitally restored by me. So, I am sorry, but I think that it’s only natural to put my signature on them, just like other serious collectors do.

I want to thank Marion Goldmund-Lux, Vivienne Phillips, Lisa Dietrich, Caroline Niesley, Barbara Peterson, Jim Rathlesberger, James Henry, Annichen Skaren, Andi Brooks and all the Conrad Veidt fans around the world for their cooperation.

DSC07596 foto internet2

Here are some of my collections of postcards, books and magazines with Connie.
The essential Conrad Veidt booksDSC05901

I am not only a great Connie Veidt fan, but also an admirer and a collector of classic movies. This is only part of my big collection, that I managed to purchase over the years: books, albums, magazines, original photos, or scanned photos from different film archives, and also DVDs. Unfortunately, the camera couldn’t show everything I had on my desk.

36 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Monique:

    I have always been fascinated by Conrad’s portrayal of Cesare “The Cabinet of Dr. Callegari” since taking a course in the History of Film at B.U. many years ago.

    Now I’ll find out about his other movies. Beautiful website!!


    • Thank you, Marianne. I am glad you like the website. It consists of more than 2,000 materials now, and I might have to open another website next year.

  2. Hello!
    So happy I stumbled upon this wonderful website dedicated to Conrad Viedt! One of my favourite performance him was in the movie “Above Suspicion”. Some of his one-liners spoke volumes – he had the ability to convey so much with very few words.

    • Thank you. You will see lots of nice things related to Connie in the future. I am in the process of redesigning the galleries, but they are all available, so everyone could see them. I hope this summer I will have everything ready. Connie was and will always be the greatest actor in the world!

  3. Hello,

    First off, thank you for your great website(s)!!
    I have a question about Conrad Veidt books. On the website
    http://www.conrad-veidt-society.de/publikationen.html two books are shown with the same title, but with different covers.
    They are both titled “Conrad Veidt from Caligari to Casablanca”.
    One has a blue cover showing Connie and lists Jerry C. Allen as the author. The other has black & white masks and J.C. Allen as author.
    Do you know what the difference is between these two books?

    Thank you!

    • Hello and thak you for your message. The difference between the books is that the one in black and white has fewer pages and it was the first edition, published in the 80s, then came the book in blue, published in 1993 (Connie’s centennial), to which Allen added arund 100 pages, owing to the cooperation of Connie’s daughter, Viola. I recommend you to buy the blue book, because it is full of great photos and interesting information provided by Viola. Good luck!

  4. I really just want to say thank you so much for this. I’m so happy that someone just made a site entirely devoted to him and work so hard on it. Thank you very much and I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful day!

    • Thank you. I am glad you appreciate my work. But Connie deserves all my efforts, and the efforts of all the other fans, because he was and will always be the greatest actor in the world. I also have the conradveidtforever website, which is rather full of fan tributes to him.

  5. Lots of hard work and dedication to get such history collected as you have. He deserves his hard work to be kept alive as you prove with the work you’ve done here. Hopefully future generations will continue to stumble upon his acting genius through your website like I have. Also, you look like you came straight out of a classic film yourself. The foundations of film history would be completely lost without dedicated people like you. Thank you for sharing your vast collection with us. Luckily your websites and videos are the first that show up in the search results for Conrad Veidt or I would be completely lost trying to find anything concerning our good sir. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your appreciation. I am very keen on classic cinema, and believe me that sometimes I think I was born in the wrong period, because I would have liked a lot to live in those old, golden years. As for Connie, I do my best to keep his memory alive and it is pure joy for me to find such wonderful comments from people like you, who appreciate my work. And the additions will continue also in the future. I am doing this because I LOVE Connie (I am not in love with him, I simply love him). I love him as if he were a relative of mine, my ideal grandfather. My tributes to him will continue as long as I have some spare time to make them. Thank you again for your support. Together we can fight for Conrad Veidt!

  6. Dear Monique Classique
    I would like to contact you about using one of your photos in a documentary. Coudl you contact my email ? Many thanks

    • Yes, of course I’ve heard of their friendship. Jerry C. Allen mentions this in his book on Conrad. Apparently, Connie and Basil would make all kinds of scripts together, while their wives would have some tea and discuss the women’s fashion and the war. Connie and Basil were friends during his stay in Hollywood in the 1940s, and they also made a film together, Above Suspicion, co-starring Joan Crawford and Fred MacMurray.

      • Yeah, the link I posted was actually to that quote. I don’t suppose you have any additional info, or suggestions of where it could be found? Are there any surviving letters between them for example?

      • There are very few books related to Conrad. I recommend you to look for Conrad Veidt Lebensbilder – just for photos and scanned documents. I have it, and there are some interesting things there, but I don’t remember seeing anything related to his friendship with Basil.

  7. Guten Tag Monique,
    I’m glad to have found your website, it is very beautiful, elegant and fascinating (as Connie himself), and I really appreciate your effort on it.
    First saw Connie in the Caligari-film and was very impressed. After watching some other films with him my admiration growed. He was an great artist and had an enigmatic screen presence. Sad he isn’t much popular these days (neither in my – and his – home country).
    I will visit your other site, too, maybe add a little tribute (expressing my feelings and thoughts for him in a foreign language is difficult, so it may take a while).

    Best greetings

  8. Hermoso trabajo el que haces aquí, que dedicación, estás haciendo lo que yo no puedo, por falta de tiempo, en gran parte. Amo a Conrad Veidt, es mi actor predilecto de ”aquellos” tiempos, la década de los 20′, su rostro tan expresivo, su capacidad para transmitir emociones… Que talento. Gracias por esta página, sólo una cosa me molesta un tanto, eso de que te refieras a él llamándole CONNIE, ¿qué es eso?, ¿por qué lo llamas así?. Connie es nombre de mujer, diminutivo de Constanza. Sólo eso, lo demás me gusta, todo lo demás. GRACIAS POR TU ESFUERZO, SIGUE ADELANTE. Yo puse mi granito con ”Diferente a los demás”, la convertí a español por entero, no había versión en español de la película, algún día la subiré.. Suerte…

    • Muchas gracias por su comentario! A Conrad los amigos lo llamaban Connie. La gran mayoria de sus admiradores le dicen Connie. Tiene Usted tambien colecciones con Conrad?

      • Oh, en realidad gran parte de lo que tengo lo he ido sacando de la Red y algunos libros de cine clásico que poseo; buscando minuciosamente, a veces entre líneas, en lugares escritos en idiomas que desconozco (sólo se leer el inglés, pero no lo escribo y lo hablo mal).
        Lo que más tengo son cosas escritas, tomadas de allí, tomadas de acá, me gusta bastante leer, demasiado, y eso me ha servido para ampliar la biografía de Conrad que tenía originalmente. Pretendía realizar un blog o algo parecido con descripciones y análisis muy detallados a sus películas, pero sólo he visto 12 (VARIAS VECES), mucho para mi, poco para la gran filmografía de Conrad. Y sólo me interesa su obra muda y quizás sus primeras películas habladas, después aunque él conserva su calidad, sus películas no.
        La última que vi fue ”Opio”, excelente película, con o sin Conrad, me encantó su personaje, muy trágico, muy sensible, la vi tres veces en una semana.
        Algunas de sus películas nunca llegaron a ser dobladas al español, y por eso no es muy conocido por acá. Por eso realice el trabajo de editar al español ”Diferente a los demás”, para darlo a conocer un poco. No conozco a nadie de este lado de la pantalla que admire su obra, excepto mi hermano, que vió ”The man who laugh”, pero sólo eso.
        Ah, ya veremos. Saludos y gracias por la aclaración del eso de Connie, lo habia visto en otras páginas pero no lo comprendía.

  9. amazing website! well done!!!
    my late father was very lucky to have met conrad veidt when my father was a teenager. he probably met him around 1932. i recall my father told me that conrad veidt was promoting one of his movies and he was being driven around with a horse and carriage type transportation – my father called it a “fiaker” and he jumped on to the back of it where there was a little ledge to stand on and he began to talk to conrad veidt!!! until they arrived at their next destination.

    my father even got his autograph and he told me how he signed the photo with a huge capital “c” and huge capital “v”.

    i wish i could remember which city this was in, but unfortunately i dont. i know that my father was born in austria in 1917 and then i believe shortly aftewards the family moved to czernowitz. but where my father was born soon became czechoslovakia. my father was born somewhere in the bohemia region.

    my father’s father had a cinema and my father told me all about the amazing silent movies.
    and he always spoke about conrad veidt with amazing passion.

    best wishes and if you ever come to sydney australia – please let me know.
    i also knew a man who was good friends with lili veidt in america. he was a professional actor and apparently she helped him find acting work in movies. he spoke very fondly of lili.

    • Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, Robert! I also have another CV website, conradveidtforever.wordpress.com. If you want to leave a commentary on your memories about Conrad, you can do so there, too.

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