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  1. Just discovered your awesome site. I burned a pot while perusing the photos of Mr. Veidt. Those old photos of the crowd greeting him are wonderful. I can’t wait to view the Movies II!

    I will look in on your site often. I have many questions I would like to ask about his films.

    Happy New Year!

    • I am so happy you liked it! The website will be officially opened on Connie’s birthday, January 22. At the section Movies II, there will be lots of photos and screencaps of Connie’s talkies. I am in the middle of the exams – I am a student in Public Relations, but in a few weeks, I will have the necessary time to upload hundreds of new photos. I recommend you to vote your favourite character played by Connie, and also have a look at the Articles section. There will be many more articles uploaded in February. On Connie’s birthday, I am also opening a super channel on youtube, with the artistic clips I created. The first one will be from The Thief of Bagdad, even if my favourite movie is Dark Journey. On the youtube channel, you will find, in a few weeks, sequences from Connie’s movies that I have, and many other surprises.
      All my photos are watermaked (MC is for Monique classique), because most of them are taken from my own collection – which took me, I must admit, a lot of effort and money, of course. But, if you like in particular any photo, or if you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact me at conradveidtforever@yahoo.com

      I also invite you to subscribe to the website, in order to receive the latest updates.



      • Dear Monica,
        Always protect your work. Watermarks are a great idea. I am an artist and I can appreciate copyrights. I would do the same.
        I did vote for Major Ellison of F.P.1 Doesn’t Answer but I wish I could have also voted for The Stranger in Passing of the Third Floor Back, the Baron of course, Capt. Hart and Capt. Anderson. I love to see him as the hero. Even cast as a villain, he had glamour. I understand he got almost as much fan mail as Gable in ’39 for playing Kurt in Escape. Wow. I think his audience was hoping Kurt would convert while in convalescence.
        I read the original novel to see what happened.
        I would love to see him in The Men in Her Life and two German talkies The Black Hussar and the Last Company. Again, many thanks for all your hard work and sharing your fabulous collection.
        Best wishes on your exams.

      • Now you can vote for all the characters you want. I changed the rules on the poll. Monica

  2. Congratulations!!! I am a huge fan of Connie and so far there haven’t been many websites dedicated to him. I am very glad that you made all this and I can’t wait to see more! I am sure you will have lots of fans and regular visitors of your site soon as there are many Connie fans out there!

    Greetings from Connie’s home country!


    • Thank you, too. As a matter of fact, this website will be officialy opened on Saturday. I also invite you to subscribe to the youtube channel I am opening on Saturday. It will contain many clips with Connie (most of them, artistic clips made by me).

      The website will be improved a lot, in February (because now I am busy with the exams). Almost day by day, I find or buy something new and interesting about Connie. So, expect many new and nice things here. I suggest you subscribe to the website, and also vote for your favourite character(s) played by Connie, on the Poll from the opening page.


  3. Yahoo! The Last Company! Thank you Monica! The photos were almost like seeing the film itself. The magazine article photos are superb! And yes I think that is Marlene Dietrich with Conrad Veidt, is it not? The Last Company and The Blue Angel were filmed simultaneously in the same studio. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall as the old saying goes. This made my day. Valentine’s Day has come early! This made me smile!
    Again many thanks for this treat,

  4. The Congress Dances was shown in December at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. I wish we’d been able to see it. Monica, do you know what the large lit globe was in the photo where he is looking at some card or letter in a glass frame? I never saw such a device. The costumes were marvelous.
    Thanks again!!!

    • Der Kongress tanzt is one of my favourite movies with Connie. I only have the German version,and the cast isslightly different from the English and French ones, but the story is the same. No wonder why this movie was so successful at the beginning of the 30`s; and Connie looks simply wonderful!

  5. The Black Hussar was the first film his daughter Viola ever saw starring her father. In fact, she didn’t know he was a film star before. I think she was seven years old. Looks very charming and romantic. Would love to see it.
    Thanks again,

  6. Such wonderful pictures! I’ve always wanted to know in what film Connie appeared with the cossack uniform. It’s always been one of my favorite pictures of him but the one I have is small.

  7. Thank you for FP 1 and Kaiserine! O what I would give to know what happened after Lilian’s maid sang for Conrad Veidt’s nobleman in the little hospital room. All I know of the story is that they meet with him under the impression she is the Kaiserine whom he loves. Would love to see this film but it is impossible.
    Lilian Harvey met Viola Veidt when Viola first came to New York three years after her father’s death in 1946, a tearful meeting for both.

    • TheMarquis has the impression that the Empress (Mady Christians) is the one who sang him that song. In fact, it was Juliette (Lilian Harvey). He turns to Didier, the composer of the song, that was dedicated to his sweetheart, none other than Juliette.And sothe Marquisfinds out the truth – that Juliette, not the Empress, was the one who saved his life. And they lived happily ever after…

  8. Thank you Monica for the additional photos from I Was a Spy and the publicity stills and autographs. As for Kaiserine, tell me, did Juliette find him after he fell off the horse? There are scenes on You Tube from this but there is no way to understand what is going on. I am happily surprised at the beautiful ending. The song she sung to him was haunting.

    • The coincidence made that Juliette was working as a maid for the Empress, and the Marquis became a constant visitor. Juliette didn’t have, at first, a special interest in him, but she felt jealous that he believed her beautiful voice was the Empress’. So, she tried very hard to be sweetto him, and she finally fell in love with the Marquis. Luckily, the Empress didn’t love the Marquis, she was even outraged at his romantic behaviour, so shegaveJuliette one of her splendid dresses and let her reunite with the Marquis, who, by now, knew the whole truth. I will upload next week on YouTube some clips from this film – I will try to choose the right sequences.

  9. Movies II is even better than I imagined. The photos are wonderful. You have really done a marvelous job of capturing his performances. Thank you Monica!

    • Thank you! I still have lots of photos to put. Next week, I will post at Movies I some unique screencaps from Lucrezia Borgia.

  10. Great photos from The Spy in Black, Contraband and Escape. Conrad Veidt was credited with playing a piano score in the film. I see the shot of him at the piano but I don’t recall seeing it. Wow! Thank you very much. The Hollywood glamour photo of Veidt and Shearer, where her hand is on her shoulder (color) is spectacular.

  11. At the piano again. Then he did play the piano. And he liked to dance. But I wish he hadn’t done that ballet lift with Joan Crawford. Too much exertion for a man with a weak heart. A Woman’s Face is quite a movie. Thanks for the incredible photos and publicity materials.

    • No one in Hollywood knew he had heart problems, and not even the newspapermen could find out the truth, asConnie never mentioned this in his interviews. He was a man with a heart of gold, and too big for the Evil creatures of the world. I didn’t put all the screencaps, but he lifted Joan several times (see the movie). And observe that in the intense moments,the veins on his foreheadwere more visible than in the earlier years, even than in his English period, which means his health problems had gotten worse.

  12. Your color montage border is a work of modern art. I always admire it every time I visit. I can just imagine Mr. Veidt saying, “Good job Monica!”

    • Thank you very much! Whenwe make something with devotion and great pleasure, the result must be a good one.

  13. The Men in Her Life looks like a good romantic costume drama. It got an AA nomination for sound, and is said to have an excellent score. It is also said to be one of Loretta Young’s finest performances. One reviewer on IMDB compared her to Vivien Leigh! Does anyone have any idea why Turner Classic Movies doesn’t show it or release it for sale on DVD? It looks good. Did Hollywood originally consider Leigh for this role I wonder?

    • Vivien Leigh played in 1940 the role of a ballerina, in Waterloo Bridge. The movie was so successful, that other studios tried to imitate it. But only one was Vivien Leigh, and she would have been perfect for the role of Lina, together with Connie in The Men in Her Life.

  14. Rome Express looks like great fun. But the Hitchcockian open door on the train. Did Conrad Veidt escape or was he the nefarious villain doomed to meet a terrible end? Thanks so much Monica.

    • He jumped from the train and died. Just like in the Hitchcock movie Shadow of a Doubt. He knew he had no chance to escape, so he chose to die.

  15. Thanks for the wonderful screencaps from FP1 and The Wandering Jew. I also enjoyed the clips from FP1 on youtube which are my favorite parts also. I’ve never seen The Wandering Jew.

  16. Thank you Monica! Liked the photos from William Tell especially the scene where Connie is in the crevice. Both William Tell films look good. If you have seen both, how would you compare them? I realize one is silent.

    • Bothversions are a little bit slow in action, but have a certain atmosphere. I think that technically they are quite good. Only one thing – I don’t think Connie should have risked his life for the 1934 film version, when the Nazis wouldn’t let him leave Germany. William Tell is not a masterpiece, but it’s not a bad film. I prefer the silent version.

  17. Nice Dark Journey poster, but a sinking life boat and dancing girls? Don’t tell me that cut out those scenes too.

    • The sinking boat might be from the ending and those dancing girls might be from the Cherry Orchard club – or, as well, from one of the night clubs where Madeleine and Karl used to go together (as I found in an old magazine about the movie). These might be, of course, deleted scenes, because the posters usually use real photographs/movie stills.

  18. Thank you for The Chess Player article. The photos are very good. As always you present the best of Conrad Veidt.

    • I am happy you liked it, even if you need a translator. I bought yesterday an entire wonderful set of Romanian Cinema magazines from 1938, and I was glad to find these photos with Connie. Though there are many more photos of him in 1937 and in the previous years.

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