Conrad Veidt and Vivien Leigh in The Spy in Black

This new montage that I created illustrates the beauty of the couple Conrad Veidt-Vivien Leigh. Even if Vivien didn’t appear together with Connie in the successful Powell&Pressburger film “The Spy in Black”, she was the one who initially received the offer to play the role of the spy. Unfortunately, the filmings began by the end of 1938, when Vivien Leigh decided to go to Hollywood and take the role of Scarlett in the masterpiece “Gone With the Wind”. So, Vivien was replaced immediately by the very young actress Valerie Hobson. But still, how nice it would have been if Connie and Vivien had starred together in another successful British production. And this picture that I succeeded to create reflects the extraordinary chemistry between these two great, charming actors of the Silver Screen, who made only one movie together, “Dark Journey” (1937).