*Many important new additions today, most of them scans from my collections. Special thanks also to Birgit for her constant contribution.

The additions could be found as follows:

Articles – a new article about Connie’s life and career



Movies II

<Rasputin (1932)

<F.P. 1 Doesn’t Answer (1932/33)

<Ich und die Kaiserin (1933)

<The Wandering Jew (1933)

<Jew Suess (1934)

<A Woman’s Face (1941)

<The Men in Her Life (1941)

<Nazi Agent (1942)

Conrad portrait Conrad with Hans Albers and Charles Boyer in F.P. 1 versions (1932/33) Ich und die Kaiserin (1933) - portrait Jew Suess (1934) Jew Suess (1934) - portrait Rasputin (1932) A Woman's Face (1941), with Joan Crawford A Woman's Face (1941), with Joan Crawford The Men in Her Life (1941) The Men in Her Life (1941), with Loretta Young Nazi Agent (1941) - portrait The Wandering Jew (1933) - portrait Conrad article