*Many important additions today! Scans of some clippings and movie stills I recently got. Also special thanks to Birgit for her most valuable contribution, as usual.

The new scans could be found as follows:

Articles – a new article on Connie


<Family life


Movies I

<The Last Performance (1929)

Movies II

<I Was a Spy (1933)

<Jew Suess (1934)

<Bella Donna (1934)

<Dark Journey (1937)

<Under the Red Robe (1937)

<The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

<Casablanca (1942)

Here are just a few pictures of the additions. Check the galleries mentioned above for more photos!

Conrad, wife Felicitas and friend Emil JanningsConrad and wife FelicitasConrad, wife Felicitas and their daughter ViolaConrad Veidt portraitConrad portraitDark Journey (1937)Dark Journey (1937), with Vivien LeighUnder the Red Robe (1937)The Last Performance (1929) - magazine coverThe Last Performance (1929), with Mary Philbin The Last Performance (1929), with Mary Philbin The Last Performance (1929) The Last Performance (1929)Bella Donna (1934), with Mary EllisThe Thief of Bagdad (1940)Jew Suess (1934)Jew Suess (1934)I Was a Spy (1933), with Madeleine Carroll - cigarette adCasablanca (1942) Casablanca (1942) Casablanca (1942) Casablanca (1942) Casablanca (1942), with Claude Rains