Dear visitors,

The website is currently undergoing an extended process of restoration. The photos that exist in the large galleries, like “Gallery”, “Movies I” and “Movies II”, will be placed in sub-sections, so that you could find them more easily. They will contain high quality scans (just like now) and screencaps of each movie, depending on the title. The movies that are lost and that don’t have screencaps made by me are placed at “Other silent films” and “Other sound films” sections. You will most probably find there high quality scans.

I also created a new page on the website, named “Books and magazine covers”. Starting from next weekend, all the books and magazines (only the covers) that appeared at the Articles section will appear in the new section.

I want to give my special thanks to all the generous contributors over the time: Birgit S., Andi B., Andreas K., Marion G., Caroline N., Lisa D., Annichen S., and also to James Rathlesberger and Barbara Peterson, from the Conrad Veidt Society (USA), for their support.

So, let’s keep together the fight for Conrad Veidt!

Yours truthfully,

Monique classique

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