Commemorating Conrad Veidt

Today we are commemorating the death of Conrad Veidt, who left this world on April 3rd, 1943. On this occasion, let us remember him in the best years of his life and through his film career.

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Conrad Veidt Cycle at Cinematek

As some of you may already know, there will be an extensive Conrad Veidt program at the Belgian Cinematek, starting from September 1st until November 28! I encourage everyone who has the occasion to visit Brussels these weeks or even lives there to watch the CV films that will be shown there.

To my great surprise, some “lost” films will be shown: “Tempête sur l’Asie” (1938), “Landstrasse und Grossstadt” (1921), “Die Liebschaften des Hektor Dalmore” (1921) and “Dürfen wir schweigen?” (1926).

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I also want to ask a favour to all those who will have the opportunity to see the Conrad Veidt Cycle. Please write your comments here and share with us your impressions.

Thank you and continue to fight for Conrad Veidt!