Starting from today, you will be able to see all the additions on my other Conrad Veidt website. So I invite you to subscribe to http://conradveidtforever.wordpress.com/.

You will still be able to found out what is new also from this website, because I will continue to put here, too, announcements about the new additions.

There are many important updates today, including rare scans and screencaps from the very rare silent film Ingmarsarvet (1925).

The additions could be found at http://conradveidtforever.wordpress.com as follows:

Books and magazines: a new cover of Conrad, in King of the Damned

Photo gallery:

<Portraits: several scanned portraits of Conrad (more to come!)

<Movie stills: my screencaps from Ingmarsarvet, and also some rare scans.

Special thanks to Birgit for her contribution.



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