A new YouTube channel: Conrad Veidt Archive

On the special occasion of Connie’s 130th birthday (#130yearsofconradveidt), I have decided to open a new YouTube channel dedicated to him, Conrad Veidt Archive. I invite you all to subscribe to that channel, too.


I have already uploaded two video tributes that I dedicated to him in the past and that I could no longer upload on the former Connie Veidt channel (which will continue to exist). But, in addition to this, I decided to upload also a unique documentary made by Ivan Rado, nephew of Lilli Veidt, that is about a fan’s great love for Connie and her special Conrad Veidt movie memorabilia.

I do hope you will enjoy the video. It is a very rare occasion when I decide to put a content like this on the Internet and I hope it will make you all continue to be fans and collectors of Conrad Veidt. He deserves our attention and affection, because he was a special man and a fine actor, one of the best in the world. As long as we are gathered in official or unofficial groups, his memory is alive and so we will fight for #conradveidt!